meklu's site

OMG, it's some Internet dude with a unique-ish nickname!

So this is my site and... Yeah. That's about it. Here you'll find all sorts of stuff about stuff like you know like like you know like.

A new post!

I finally arsed myself to move over to the new version of Wooden Snail, the self-brewed CMS that this site uses.

Now ain't that exciting? Here, have a walrus to celebrate:

a walrus with glasses

On the status of this site

So I finally got myself a real actual domain name, I'm considering getting a hold of a real hosting package as well some time soon. I think I should also rewrite the hideous stuff the codebase has grown to be. It's a mess, can't be read too well, and it needs quite a bit of optimization. I think I'm going to keep the directory structure of the posts as is and just build a fancier implementation of the current "API". Another thing I'm likely to do is drop tumblr from the main thing and just drop its support into another file (perhaps add some plugin capabilities to this little CMS).

Stay tuned, since next time we'll shoot a dinosaur into SPACE!!!

ZOMFG, update!

Oi, Internet! As you may or may not have noticed, I've cleaned up this site a bit lately and moved some functions and configuration into their own PHP files. Better yet, I added a feature that makes posts' footers optional and configurable on a post-to-post or page-to-page basis.

I should still add a heading thing (EDIT: added now :D) to the system as well as an RSS feed and move my tumblr parser to PHP and the version 2 tumblr API. Oh, and make some proper CSS thingamajig for individual posts (per-page CSS works rather fine already). This site is still far from complete but at least it's heading in the right direction :)

Oh, you should totally download my Chrome/Chromium theme darkish. I'm gonna get the tab bar fixed ASAP, if I feel like it.
And you should really tell Julkku how bad his website is. I guess that's it for this day. Or not.
a comic translated into Finnish
Well that settles it.
Finally the site is somewhat OK!
You should expect some updates in the near future however, as this is kind of a WIP. The PHP code for this site is likely to change some day to include support for subfolders and all that fun stuff I don't have in place as of yet.